Want to get ‘Mussel’y?

Scramble along one of Britain’s many rocky shores, and your not hard pushed to find a multitude of different marine invertebrates.  Many of which are not only edible but absolutely delicious!
Rocky shore of coast of st mawes sienna somers

On my recent stroll down a small but diverse rocky coastal path, I came across several rock faces covered head-to-toe in mussels. From October to march is the prime time for picking mussels, so whether you venture for a day to the sea or live in vicinity of a good rocky shore, be sure to keep an eye out for mussels.

Mussels are said to be the most sustainable source of Omega-3 which you can eat.

Mussels at helford estuary by sienna somers savvy student

While mussels may not directly get you muscly, they may help you get brainy! Mussels contain high levels of both Vitamin B12 and two highly desirable long chain fatty acids (Omega-3’s) which both contribute to improving brain function. Mussels also contain high levels of essential macronutrients such as Zinc (helps build immunity), Iron (used in red blood cells to transport blood around our bodies) and Selenium (helps to prevent cell damage) .

 The classic way to serve mussels is in a french Moules marinière, often accompanied with hand-cooked chips,  the frites.
  1. Firstly scrub your desired amount of mussels and tap them on the side of the kitchen sink as you remove their beards and barnacles. If they refuse to close then chuck them away. Any severly cracked or chipped shells should go, too.
  2. Put the mussels into a large pot with 250ml of white wine, a sprig of thyme and a crushed clove of garlic and a small palmful of chopped parsley. Put the lid on tight and bring the mussels up to boiling point.
  3. As soon as the mussels start to open, which should only take a minute or two, they are ready.
  4. Serve with home made chips, roasted with a bit of rosemary. You may also want some bread to accompany it to mop up all the juices.
  5. Finally, tuck in and enjoy!



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