Join Susie Lau and Take the #Secondhandfirst Pledge This Week


#Secondhandfirst Week  was launched by the fashion reuse charity TRAID to celebrate the power of second-hand to change the world by keeping the resources we already have in use for longer. This year, it runs from 23 – 28 November. Take TRAID’s #SECONDHANDFIRST Pledge and let them know what percentage of … Continue reading

Fashion Revolution Day: the Vintage #Haulternative


With UK shoppers throwing away enough clothing to fill Wembley Stadium each year, our attitude towards fashion needs to change.  Fast fashion means that we can buy what we want and discard it with equal abandon.  New collections come and go so quickly that I don’t have time to fall in … Continue reading

Who Made My T-Shirt in the Who Made My Clothes Video?

We are Islanders 1

This week I made a video about How to Join the Fashion Revolution. To demonstrate how to take a selfie showing your label, I wore my favourite T-Shirt with the slogan WE ARE THE SEA.   And then I started wondering: Who made the T-Shirt I was wearing in the video? Where … Continue reading

Water: Fashion’s Dirty Secret

aral sea crop

Today is World Water Day.  Cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops. When you pick up a cotton T-shirt on the High Street, and only wear it a couple of times, do you ever stop to think about the impact which the water used for that garment has had … Continue reading

Rise of the normal-sized models

Sienna Somers, savvy student

I have never once considered myself a plus-sized model, yet I don’t fit the mould of the willowy size 6 models. However, a flow of normal-sized models are beginning to sweep the fashion industry.   The French Parliament have proposed a legislation to set a minimum weight for any model … Continue reading

London Fashion Weekend

Visiting London Fashion Weekend is like going to a huge sample sale.  Although spending money to go shopping may seem like an alien concept to a lot of students, the savings you make on one garment can easily eclipse the price of the entrance ticket. The Luxe Lounge houses two … Continue reading

The Savvy Student Guide to London Fashion Week AW15


Thought that London Fashion Week was only for fashion buyers and press? Think again. There are plenty of events happening all over London throughout that week which are open to the public.  Even better, most of them are free! Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief is back! I was fortunate enough to … Continue reading

December Sample Sales (including Alexander McQueen)

Alexander McQueen 3rd December 11am – 9pm  4th &  5th December 10am – 9pm and 6th December 10am – 6pm Shoreditch Town Hall, Assembly Hall, 380 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT At last, the not to be missed Alexander McQueen sample sale has arrived. What better place to find a … Continue reading