How to Recreate London Fashion Week Looks in a Charity Shop

Sibling Recreated for Charity Fashion Live

Your local charity shop is definitely the Savvy Student’s best friend for a fashion bargain. Honestly, why would you go to the High Street when you can find some incredible bargains in charity shops.  My mum bought a pair of gold Valentino trousers for £10 in the Cancer Research shop … Continue reading

The Savvy Student Guide to London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Thought that London Fashion Week was only for fashion buyers and press? Think again. There are plenty of events happening all over London throughout that week which are open to students. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend London Fashion Week for many years as my mother is a fashion designer … Continue reading

The Virtues of Vinegar


Seven Secrets of Apple Cider Vinegar for the Savvy Student Last month I saw an article online saying that Megan Fox and Miranda Kerr had discovered the secrets to a glowing skin, apple cider vinegar. I have been using apple cider vinegar for years and it is a staple ingredient in … Continue reading

September Sample Sales

sample sales

The Savvy Student Guide to September Sample Sales I’ve found plenty of bargains at sample sales over the last few years.  My wardrobe is filled with Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Saunders, Richard Nicholl, Pringle, Issa London and more, all for a fraction of the normal price. Here is a list of … Continue reading